The Medina Balda Clinic team is satisfied to have contributed positively to your oral health and aesthetics. Thanks for your testimonials.

Quick solution

I had an accident and my upper jaw fractured and my teeth were out of place. After replacing the maxilla and teeth, I wanted to recover my previous smile. And after the doctor’s work I have beautiful teeth and a very elegant and rejuvenated smile. Also my teeth have not been carved at all. I thank the entire team for their dedication and love.

Mariola J. 08/04/2018

New smile

I went to the office for a tooth that was fractured. They removed it, placed an implant and they recommended me to improve my smile. And so we did. I am very happy with my new smile and my tooth. They are a really lovely team.

Arantza H. 07/07/2016

Fantastic treatment

The result of the bleaching treatment and the porcelain veneers has been spectacular! I have been able to marry with an incredible smile. I am happy and grateful to the entire team and especially to the doctor for her great dedication.

Beatriz C. 02/03/2014

Premium veneers

Despite brushing, I did it in such a way that it was not working well so I lost a lot of gum. After periodontal treatment, my gums recovered their health and became deflated. But the aesthetics of my teeth deteriorated. So the doctor placed some veneers to close the gaps between the teeth. And now I am with a beautiful and healthy smile! They have done a great job with my teeth, gums and also with my hygiene habits. Thank you.

Carmen T. 11/10/2012

Pain-free implants

I had several ugly and infected front teeth. They had to implant me, whiten my teeth and replace my old crowns. The process was very worthwhile. Before I was ashamed to smile and now I have a very nice smile!

Rosa P. 08/06/2010

Great result!

I was delighted with the result of the bleaching and composite veneers treatments that were performed on me. It is precious. And the manner they have given me is professional, friendly and cordial. It is a pleasure to go with the doctor and her team.

Carlota M. 11/06/2009

Very friendly staff

I had a lot of tension and I wore my teeth from rubbing them, and since I was afraid to go to the dentist I didn’t go on time. When I finally made up my mind, the doctor gave me a lot of reassurance and built all my decayed teeth by putting crowns on my upper teeth and fillings on my lower ones. Then she protected me with a sleeping splint and with exercises to avoid clenching my teeth during the day. I am like new. Very happy.
What a change of smile! I thank the doctor and her team for their good work and the great kindness with which they have treated me.

Javier R. 05/04/2006

Very good result

My mouth was fatal, I had practically run out of teeth for rubbing them and for eating only with my front teeth because I had all the lower teeth missing. They have done everything to me: they have eliminated the infection, they have done cosmetic surgery on the gums, they have bleached the teeth, they have placed implants where there were no teeth and they have put crowns on almost all my own teeth. Anyway, a great
job! They are good professionals in their fields and very close pleople I am very happy with the result.

Jose Luis B. 05/07/2005

Fantastic service

Going from not being able to eat and having a smile, why not say it, unpleasant, to being able to eat and smile with pleasure only in 1 day is something that I never imagined could happen. Implants are a great invention! I am in very good hands.

Carlos I. 05/04/2005