Ortodoncia invisible en Madrid centro, clinica dental Medina Balda.

Invisaling – invisible orthodontics

Our Orthodontist, Invislign Provider, carries out a personalized planning and study of each invisible orthodontic. Then, shows the patient a 3D Clincheck video where he/she can preview the entire treatment from start to finish. Thanks to the invisible aligners, the teeth are repositioned non-invasively, facilitating dental hygiene. In addition, it improves the occlusion-chewing pattern. It also restores harmony to the smile of each patient. The treatment is very comfortable. It does not produce irritations or friction and it allows to eat normally since the aligners are removable.

Each aligner is made individualised for each patient. To do this, a virtual scan of the mouth is performed and then the aligner allows the teeth to be moved to the desired position in many cases in a faster and more controlled way than with conventional orthodontics. Each device should be used 22 hours a day for 7 days. This, so that the teeth move gradually to the final position designed by the orthodontist.

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