Carillas dentales en Madrid y protesis dentales

Veneers & minimally invasive prosthesis

Dental veneers in Madrid are thin layers of very resistant materials such as composite or porcelain (feldspathic, lithium disilicate, etc.) with which we embellish the aesthetics of your smile:

  • Composite Veneers or Dental Masking: It is a quick treatment that allows to aesthetically improve or correct changes in the color, shape, size or position of the teeth. This allows us to achieve an attractive smile without the need to wear down the teeth on which they are made. It is a reversible treatment. It is not painful so it does not require anesthesia. In addition, it is cheaper than porcelain
  • Porcelain Veneers: They are very thin porcelain layers that cover the outside of the teeth. In addition, they hardly require carving. It is a very stable material that does not vary in color despite the habits. They correct alterations in the shape, position, size and color of the teeth.

In the case of posterior teeth, we also select the least invasive prosthetic alternative, adjusted to each patient. This allows us to preserve the largest healthy dental tissue and also giving excellent aesthetics and function. We use the most accurate techniques to record the position and shape of the teeth. Later we design and manufacture the crowns with CAD-CAM technology. Then we carve them in the Swiss milling center of Cares- Straumann, world number one. This allows us to offer the maximum precision, fit and durability of each restoration, making a difference in the long term.

Medina Balda Clinic, your dental veneers in Madrid.