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Teeth bleaching

The dental bleaching system that we use at Medina Balda Clinic in Madrid is the most durable and painless alternative currently available for teeth bleaching. This is because it minimizes the sensitivity that the tooth can suffer. In addition, it achieves brilliant teeth bleaching, effective and stable over time. It is always our first choice for a white smile.

The dental bleaching in Madrid we achieve is by combining bleaching in the clinic with bleaching at home. The clinical bleaching agent, hydrogen peroxide at a higher percentage of concentration, we use it to minimize the time of outpatient whitening treatment. But we do not abuse it since it generates more sensitivity. Furthermore, its bleaching effect is not as stable over time. For this reason it is necessary to complement it with the household bleaching gel. This has a lower percentage of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. This prevents tooth sensitivity from appearing and achieves stable bleached teeth over time.

This simple mixed bleaching technique offers the patient the greatest comfort and the best whitening of their teeth that will last from 1 to 2 years. Subsequently, it will only be necessary to give periodic boosters to maintain the white tone of the teeth.

Medina Balda Clinic, your dental bleaching in Madrid.